Did you know?
Judges can remit certain copyright infringement damage awards against non-profit educational institutions?

But only as long as ...
The infringement was based on an "honest belief" that the use was a "fair use."

So consider this ...
"As educators, we need to be concerned with the following reality.  If no effort was made to determine whether a use is "fair," it is likely to be difficult to persuade a court that someone with a Ph.D. "honestly believed" it was permissible."
-Linda K. Enghagen, J.D., Professor
Copyright Law and Fair Use: 
Why Ignorance is not Bliss

Copyright Compliance in Higher Education

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I don’t know how Linda does it, but she manages to take dry legal topics and hold your attention all the way through …
March 2014

Expert presenter – very well versed … relevant and practical …
extremely clear, well paced, in accessible language …
best coverage of topic in one hour that I have ever done … excellent handouts …
Magna Publications Webinar
April 2013

made dry topic lively .... dynamic .... engaging ... good sense of humor ....
excellent explanations .... well informed .... ability to make complex info accessible .... great Q&A .... energetic .... knowledgeable and enthusiastic ....
excellent examples .... clear explanations in layperson's terms ....

Greenfield Community College January 2012

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